Change of ownership / generational change, mergers, digitization, and organizational development.

The reasons for the transformation of your company can be many.

But how do you successfully reach the goal?

Organizational development and transformation

A change of ownership / generational change or a merger is not just that new owners take over the business, and then all processes continue as they usually do. It certainly means that new owners are coming, but it often also means that a new trust must be built between them, the management, and the rest of the organization. New requirements may be placed on the form of management, new processes and procedures are most likely introduced, departments are merged or split up, new colleagues are encountered.

Digitization and organizational development also place great demands on the organization and not least the management, as there may be uncertainty about job security, new processes, and new IT systems.

In other words, a transformation is a huge upheaval, which triggers many reactions and thoughts, and it has an impact on the organization’s well-being and development.

My question is therefore

Is your management equipped for the task you are facing? Both in terms of leading employees in the right direction, do they even know the direction, and are they ready for the development they themselves must go through?

With 15 years of experience in management coaching and development, organizational development, and internal communication, I am ready to help you with a tailored transformation solution to get the entire organization dressed so that you reach the goal of your specific transformation, from start to finish.

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